Official Statement:
April 11, 2018

Contact: Aileen Berquist
Phone: 785-330-5696

Paul Ryan Retirement Statement

During his 18 years in office, Paul Ryan has taken more money from the NRA and gun lobbyists than anyone else. During his three years as Speaker, Paul Ryan has blocked hundreds of bills introduced to reduce the gun violence epidemic in our country from making it to the House floor. And now, as youth across the country are mobilizing voters to take on NRA-funded politicians at the midterms, Speaker Ryan is stepping down.

Good for him — and great for the American people, especially the residents of WI-01 who will have the chance to elect someone that truly represents their interests.

But this fight isn’t over. We marched on Paul Ryan because his willingness to block gun reform shows he cares more about his NRA contributions than the lives of the American people. And we are going to keep marching with youth across the country who refuse to let this issue be pushed out of the national spotlight. There is going to be a reckoning on Election Day in this country and we, along with all youth of the Parkland generation, are leading the way.

Paul Ryan was just the beginning.