Host Your Own March

The time is now to take action on gun reform! Standing in solidarity with the Parkland students, we spent four days marching 50 miles from Madison, WI, to Speaker Paul Ryan’s hometown of Janesville. We took inspiration from the 54-mile Selma to Montgomery march for civil rights, and we singled out Paul Ryan and urged him to lead Congress in taking immediate action to save lives by enacting sensible gun reform.

Now, we are keeping the national spotlight on gun reform by inviting youth across the nation to host their own #50MilesMore march. Adults have said that nothing can be done, but students are finding a way. It is our time as the next generation to recognize and seize our power, join our voices together, and demand real and visible change. And we refuse to back down.

If you are a student and interested in organizing or participating in a 50 Miles More march in your state, please fill out this form. We will have someone on our team reach out with information.